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My Journey

My tea blend journey started during the covid pandemic. Not being able to share a laugh, sit round the table for tea or give a warm hug to family and friends had an impact on my daily life. As I couldn’t be close to them I wanted to create something special to gift my loved ones to let them know I cared about their health and wellbeing. I started to research into tea blends which provided good health benefits as well as tasting great.

Blended teas

Beautifully blended teas with natural flowers, herbs and fruit

Tea pot and glass
Gifting Teas

We love tea!

I am a tea lover and I am very passionate about what goes into our bodies, so I started to create tea blends which were simple yet beautiful, they tasted fabulous and were visually stunning. Gifting these specially blended teas became my trademark and with such positive reactions I decided to share this secret with all tea lovers across the nation today which is the start of Simplicitea’s journey. I hope you enjoy these beautifully blended teas with natural flowers, herbs and fruit as much as I do and support me to encourage others to put their feet up and enjoy a cup of Simplicitea.


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